200 Hours Yoga (Tantra) Teacher Training Course at Rishikesh, India

Kundalini Chakra Meditation Techniques from Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga is an important and ancient practice with a powerful combination of Asanas, Pranayamas, Mantras, Mudras (Control the Mind), Bandhas (Preserve the Pranic energy) , Chakras ( Secret e Energy Centers) , Karma Yoga and Yoga Nidra . Tantra Yoga one of the Secret practice of the Agama Sastra in order to realize the higher meaning of the life. Tantra Yoga is a system and tradition of the Guru-Shishya Parampara , in which wisdom deliver to Shishya for the higher dimension and the transformation of the Consciousness. Tantra Yoga is a combination of Shiva and Shakti . Tantra Yoga is a is a the science of liberation from the sufferings of the Karmas. The main aim of the Tantra Yoga is, in order to awakening Kundalini Chakras for the higher dimensions of the Consciousness. The aim of the Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course is to experience God, Love, the meaning of the life, the happiness, the Pleasure, the Peace , the harmony and higher Samadhi. Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course mainly drives to the combination of Ida ,Pingala and Sushumna or Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti in order to realize the higher perspectives the meaning of the life of Samsar. The human life is not meant for the Ahara (food), Nidra (Sleep), Bhaya (fear or selfishness) , Maithun ( Sexual Enjoymeny) and simple born and die. Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course going to teach you beyond the life of survival and understanding of the World better. Survival is not the meaning of the life only but to take care of others.

Tantra Yoga Tracher Training Course is make you understanding is not to eat , to sleep, to be selfish and to have Maithun only.Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India is a unique Spiritual Mystic Science and it is unknown even many Yoga Gurus of the Himalayas. In Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course, sex has no relevance but one has to understand what is sex and Love? Tantric Master or Tantra Guru is very important in order to realize inner and higher dimension the Consciousness following inner awakeing. Tantra Yoga has secret practice by Panchagni, the Five fire ceremony.The practice of Tantra Yoga in the World very unique that what we providein the Samarpan School of Yoga and Tantra at Himalayas. In Panchagni Tantra Sadhana one has control the mind and the body in order to gain over mastery of the Physical body, Subtle body, Astral Body, Causal body and Cosmic body for the higher truth, love and freedom. Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course will guide you, how to learn Panchagni Vidya and one can get over mastery of the Five elements : earth, water, air, fire and ether . Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course will guide you about Panchagni and its goal and to master of the Kama (desire), Krodha (anger), Lobha (greedy),Moha (attachement), Madhya ( all belongs to me or Ego).

Therefore, in Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course going to teach you, how to over mastery of the Pranayama , Prana Vidya ,Secrets of the Chakras, Moola Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, Vajroli Mudra, Sahajroli Mudra, Aswini Mudra and Various Secret Methods which is may not possible to define but you can experience onc you start the Training at Swami Samarpan Ashram,Rishikesh in the Samarpan School of Yoga and Tantra following the tradition of Satyananda Yoga ,Shivananda Yoga, Babaji Kriya Yoga. Finally in Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course Rishikesh, India , one will able to awakening Mooladhar, Swadhistan, Manipura, Anahata, Vishudhi, Anja, and Sahasara, which is Bindu has to preserve at all the level of the Consciousness either physical, subtle, astral or causal. The secrets of the Tantra Yoga, how to preserve semen or orgasm or Bindu? Once you know ,how to preserve orgasm or semen or Bindu ,then only you can experience Orgasmic Bliss within and an every cell of the Causal Body or beyond . Tantra Yoga traditionally passed the wisdom by the Royal Gurus to their disciples in ancient time with strict discipline of the ethics ,with and without Maithun(sexual intercourse). Tantra Sastra Agama traditionally in Saivaism the wisdom of Tantra passed from Lord Shiva to Shakti ,the mother Parvati as a consort, but remember not as a wife, not as partner or not as a student or not as a friend. Following in the same Tantra Agama Sastra, Shaktism in wisdom of Tantra passed from Shakti Mother Parvati to Lord Shiva as a consort.

You are very come to join the Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh and where ever Samarpan School of Yoga and Tantra going to organize either India, Asia, America, Africa, Australia and in the world.
Kundalini Tantra, Yoga Nidra, Chakra Yoga, Prana Vidya, Panchagni Vidya, How to preserve sexual energy?, Nauli, moolabandha, all kind of Mudras and Bandhas, Philosophy of Yoga and Tantra and Anatomy, Meditations from Tantra, Karma Yoga, Mantra Yoga.

Daily Schedule Teacher Training Course:

  • 07:00 am: Wake up
  • 07:15am to 09.00 am: Meditations, Asanas , pranayamas, Mudras, Bandhas and Kriyas
  • 09:00am to 09.30am: Breakfast
  • 10:00 am to 11.30 am: Karma Yoga
  • 11:30am to 01.00 pm.... Main lecture in philosophy and Psychology
  • 01.00pm to 01.30 pm... Lunch
  • 04.00 pm to 04.15pm.... Tea Break
  • 05:00 to 800 pm...: Practical aspects of Yoga how to teach? Adjustments or sight seeings or meeting living Gurus of Ashrams, Satsangs
  • 08:00 pm..,..Dinner
  • 09.00 Rest
  • Start Date
    End Date
    Fee of the Course
    10th January 2019 30th January 2019 €1100
    10th February 2019 2nd March 2019 €1100
    10th March 2019 30th March 2019 €1100
    10th April 2019 30th April 2019 €1100
    10th May 2018 30th May 2018 €1100
    10th June 2018 30th June 2018 €1100
    10th July 2018 30th July 2018 €1100
    10th August 2018 30th August2018 €1100
    10th September 2018 30th September 2018 €1100
    10th October 2018 30th October 2018 €1100
    10th November 2018 30th November 2018 €1100
    10th December 2018 30th December 2018 €1100

    Course TTC fee 1100 euro

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    Note that once paid the fee of the any course , the fee is non refundable at any cost

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